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Dark Goddess Book Cover

Reader Reviews:

"An incredible plot that's expertly unfolded, packed with excitement and a fast pace that's laced with plenty of mystery. The characters are fascinating and keep you turning pages non-stop, captivating you right from the start along with well-placed historical references. It's also informative and sheds light on the shadowy world of cryptocurrencies, hackers, and power. A quick read that leaves you craving more of the same caliber."

"I found myself looking forward to bedtime just so I could lose myself in this book."

"I can already envision the movie adaptation of this book. It's very well-written, with a complex sci-tech and noir plot that's been meticulously crafted."

"With a staggering complexity of space and time, the kind that Christopher Nolan fans adore. Reality and fiction blend seamlessly in this thriller, crafting a tense narrative that delves into the influence of money and technology."

Reality and fiction intertwine in this thriller that weaves a tense plot exploring the power of money and technology.

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